Fight COVID-19 Pandemic

With our Fever Screening Systems

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In view of the present COVID-19 pandemic worldwide, Inspiraz Technology has launched its thermal Imaging technology to enable close range and contactless temperature detection with facial recognition software. Contactless testing will reduce the chances of human contact infections and detect any temperature anomalies within seconds.

Why we should perform mass fever screening?

In times of increasing social mobility, disease infections can cross international borders with ease with the heavy consequences of an epidemic outbreak and even a worldwide pandemic. That’s why it’s of great interest/importance to the public health system to identify risk persons in large groups of people early to minimise the risk of transmission of the disease in the communities.

Why fever measurement with thermography?

An important indicator for an infection is increased body temperature (compared to other people in the immediate surroundings), generally known as fever. Thermography is the ideal method for scanning not just individuals, but also large flows of people. To do this, the skin’s temperature at the face is measured, and an alarm triggered if it deviates. This allows persons with increased body temperature to be identified quickly and reliably, and to be isolated for more exact testing.

Our Products

Our fever screening system can be used to detect anyone, passing through a designated area, suspected to have a fever.

Fever screening can be used for the first level screening in shopping malls, office buildings & hotels to detect suspected cases. The suspected cases will then be re-confirmed again using thermometers.

MTC Series

  • East to install, learn & use
  • Suitable for single queue scanning
  • Face detection capability to detect temperature, even with face mask
  • Voice message alarm
  • Can be integrated to automated door access or gate barrier to prevent “feverish personnel” from entering the premises
  • Option of using AI face recognition or ID card
  • Option of monitoring from remote station

BMS Series

  • Easy to install, learn & use
  • Suitable for moving crowd scanning
  • Face detection capability, even with face mask, hat or veil, and can identify human & hot objects.
  • Option of alarm, voice message, email & pop-up image when “feverish personnel” detected.
  • Option of monitoring from remote station without physical manning